GASTHOF BADL - anno 1899

Lorenz Knapp bought the Gasthof Badl in 1899. He started to renovate the house and the pine panelled dining rooms and the first hotel rooms for our guests were built. In the romantic garden restaurant lots of local events with over 300 visitors were taking place. 

In 1903 the 600 years anniversary of the city of Hall was the Highlight of Lorenz carreer. 



During the first world war soldiers and military staff were housed at the Badl. The economic situation in the area was very bad and the lost war, inflation, unemployment and poverty left their traces. People had to try hard to secure living. Luckily in 1925 Lenz Knapp, Lorenz' son could sign a contract with Zipfer beer the biggest local brewery.



After the second world war economy raised and from 1950 tourism started slowly its development. The first tour group came in 1957 and additional rooms were renovated. 


1965 was a very bad time for Paula Steiner (my grandmother) as the construction of the highway was started directly behind the Badl. Lots of ground and fields were lost and the quiet location was replaced by a huge construction area.


The big advantage until today is the easy accessibility for our guests. The wonderful view on the northern alps was not touched and the noise of the Highway is not heard on the river side. At the end the Gasthof Badl benefited from this new connection a lot.

The following years brought lots of business. From the 70s onwards travelling became common and the innsbruck area were visited by guests from all over the world. 

3 generations of women, Paula, Elke and Sonja managed the Badl until today and in the future with passion and enthusiasm. The Gasthof Badl is owned since 1899 by the same family and will hopefully also be loved and enjoyed by its visitors for many more years.